Important Notice: This project is no longer maintained and has been officially closed. We want to thank our users for their support and participation. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

About Remo Cloud

Wave goodbye to a disorganized desk full of different handhelds. With Remo Cloud all of your mobile devices can be kept in one place, all neat and tidy.

It is quick, easy to organize, takes no time and, most importantly, doesn’t need to be touched again once is set. Have we mentioned already that everyone can do it? You don’t need to be a developer to use Remo – it is that simple. From now on you can keep all of your handhelds charging in one place and share them using Remo with your colleagues within specific team. No more waiting in a queue or walking around the office looking for the available device.

Remo Cloud is available in three options: Basic, Standard and Pro. Check out all the available features and pricing accordingly to your needs.

Speed up your work

  • Manage all of your mobile devices, assign to specific teams and collaborate in real time even with your distant colleagues.
  • Install your apps on all of your devices (or only on chosen ones) with just one click.
  • Share a handheld(s) with the others (no account required from a third party) to show the progress, ask for help or simply make a 'how-it-works' presentation.
  • Coming soon: Run your tests simultaneously on a few devices at once, see the differences immediately, download reports with all the logs and report directly to JIRA with all the issues.

How does it work?



Create a free Remo account

Choose subscription plan - optional

Register your own devices or/and
select devices from Remo Laboratory

Do your job or/and
share devices with the others

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