Important Notice: This project is no longer maintained and has been officially closed. We want to thank our users for their support and participation. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

About Remo Laboratory

Remo Laboratory aims to complement your mobile devices collection by giving you access to best selling Android phones and tablets on the market. We host those handhelds specially for you. Select all of the available devices you are interested in, let us know how long you would like to book them for and using a great set of Remo features do your job.

For instance, if one of your projects requires a specific handheld and you really don't want to spend money for something, which won’t be used anymore in the future, have a look on Remo Laboratory list to find a device that you are looking for. Feel free to use it as often as you need.

Rules are the same as for your own devices – share them with the others, install apps, take screenshots, use simultaneously, work, play and have fun. It is all up to you – you decide which of the Remo Laboratory resources, when and for how long you use.

Speed up your work

  • Access Remo Laboratory resources 24/7 from all around the world, at the time and place most convenient for you.
  • Choose devices from Remo Laboratory rather than spend a lot of money for a new handheld. We host them for you, but for the booking time they all only yours.
  • All the connections are highly secured and devices are erased after each user, so you can rest assured any of your data put on our devices will never be seen by any third party or us.
  • Coming soon: Optimize your mobile solutions simultaneously on a few devices at once to ensure they work correctly and with no bugs on best-selling Android handhelds.

How does it work?



Create a free Remo account

Choose devices you're interested in from our availability list

Let us know how long you would like to use them for

Do your job or/and
share devices with the others

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