Plans and Pricing

We are as flexible as possible. Whether you are a one-man-band in a computer business, a big software house or just want to work and play a bit on different devices - you will definitely like our offer. Choose one of our services accordingly to your needs.




2 Devices, 2 Sessions, 0 Apps, 0 Repositories, Screenshots removed after a week




2 Devices, 5 Sessions, 0 Apps, 0 Repositories, 100 Screenshots /per team




10 Devices, 5 Sessions, 10 Apps, 10 Repositories, 500 Screenshots /per team




25 Devices, 5 Sessions, 50 Apps, 50 Repositories, 500 Screenshots /per team

Terms & Conditions apply:


  • No Remo account required.
  • Any Android mobile device can be temporarily registered with Remo (no data are stored by us) until terminated by you.
  • Limited features as listed above.
  • Presentation mode - share device with others within your local network (connection not secured).

Premium (Basic, Standard and Pro options)

  • How does it work?

    Registration and Remo Cloud account maintenance is always free. Unpaid account has no features. To use full power of Remo tools please buy one of available monthly subscription plans (Basic, Standard or Pro) with prepaid obligation. Within your account you can register and use specific number of your own devices per team.

  • Available features

    All of the features are available for all subscription plans as listed above.

  • Changing Plans

    You can change your plan at any time. No additional fees are applied for the transaction.
    For both upgrade and downgrade actions, your new subscription plan will take effect immediately. You will be charged only a difference between your current and a new plan.

  • No Additional Fees

    No extra charges are applied to any of our plans. Monthly subscription gives you access to all current and upcoming features - according to your tariff scheme.


For both Remo Laboratory and Remo Private prices are estimated individually. Please contact with us to get your quote.